Who we are?

We are a direct marketing company based in Nelson, Lancashire.

What We Do?

We are a team of door-to-door professionals aimed at matching relevant products and services to relevant customers and clients in this area. We specialise in informing customers of beneficial services they were otherwise unaware of. We target niche markets and criteria specific customers. Our service is adaptable and catered to your needs. As an example; one of our recent clients was a law firm looking for criteria-matching clients and properties in a geo-specific area. Our role in this was to travel to designated areas in Lancashire and Yorkshire, find suitable properties, assess the property owner's eligibilty, signing them up and obtaining all the relevant documents such as property deeds then passing everything on to the solicitor. Furthermore we kept concise records of every door we knocked on with the corresponding results. We did this in volume as they were a large law firm and they were very pleased with how adaptable our services could be to make their jobs much simpler. We employ an excellent strategy that focus' on high conversion ratios of doors to sales.

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